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The New Castle County Chamber of Commerce extends a warm welcome to visitors and the local business
community.  Founded in 1922, the Chamber is the largest non-profit business membership organization in Delaware. The Chamber is proud to serve over 1,200 member companies and over 100,000 employees from those firms who are engaged in the Chamber's wide range of activities and programs. At Chamber events you'll have an opportunity to raise your profile among the region's leading business executives and owners.  The Chamber provides every member a variety of unique opportunities each month to develop relationships that will help boost your company's profitability and help you identify potential new customers and partners. For 95 years Delaware's businesses have leveraged the Chamber to build awareness, grow revenue, and develop new business relationships. Give us a call at (302) 737-4343 and we'll be happy to show you how to customize your own unique experience with the Chamber that will allow you to drive revenue, improve your brand recognition, and increase your professional status. Join us today.

Who can join

Any business can become a member of a chamber by having a business license and paying the required membership dues. Dues amounts are typically determined by the size of the member company. For a small business the cost to join the Chamber is less than one dollar per day. In a typical chamber of commerce, over 70% of the members are small businesses with less than ten employees.

The business does not have to be physically located in a certain area to be a member, it just has to have an interest in supporting the economic growth of that area.

It is important to note that the company is the member of the Chamber and they can send many different employees to participate in chamber events or serve on committees. A Chamber can offer many member benefits including business education, health insurance, discounts and networking.

/// top ten reasons to join

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Chamber networking events help you build relationships. With over 200 activities each year, you have the opportunity to meet other business professionals, expand connections, and more importantly, find new customers. In addition, we host five referral groups where you make your goods and services known directly to the group members, find new clients, exchange leads, or partner with members for meaningful working relationships.
When consumers know that a business is a member of the Chamber of Commerce, they are 63% more likely to purchase goods and services from the company (according to a study conducted by The Shapiro Group).
The Chamber is your advocate in local and state government and works closely with elected officials to create economic prosperity and enhance the quality of life.  As your partner, the Chamber works to minimize the legislative and regulatory burden on your business, and foster a sound economic environment in our county and state. We speak as a unified voice for the business community to elected and appointed officials. As a member of the Chamber, gain access to decision makers and get involved in business issues that impact your business and community.
The Chamber website features a new ‘Hot Deals’ page where you can post specials and discounts. This is a great way to drive traffic to your business and posting is an exclusive members-only benefit.
The Chamber offers a wide array of business education opportunities. We provide classes and seminars like “Finding
Your Next Customer," “Business Fundamentals” and "Growth Wheel" to give you the tools to run a smarter, more
profitable business.
You and your company gain visibility by attending events, sponsoring programs, donating door prizes, or advertising on our website. This is targeted, effective, and affordable advertising to help you gain exposure on a small budget where you reach thousands of local business professionals.
The Chamber connects members to a wide range of local and statewide community and business leaders. Chamber events such as the Policy Makers Movers and Shakers and Greater Newark Network provide valuable insight on issues affecting businesses and the region.
The Chamber helps promote economic growth within the communities of New Castle County allowing companies to
grow their work forces. We promote and refer our Chamber member businesses through our ‘Hot Deals’ page and our
online Business Directory. By being a member, you help create a strong local economy to keep our business momentum moving forward.
The Chamber has meeting rooms for rent. Need a larger room to impress the big client? The Chamber can accommodate small and large groups!

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